“Marguerite is amazing. She has a warm and inviting demeanor that made it a joy to work with her. She really made us think about our relationship with each other and we were compelled to identify and articulate what’s important to us. She helped us craft our civil union and anniversary celebration and suggested we include a ring warming ceremony which was one of the more memorable and touching moments of the day. Our friends and family said our ceremony was extremely moving and Marguerite helped make that happen. Just hire the woman already!”
Cheryl and Lucy

Anniversaries & Vow Renewals

Vow RenewalsAn anniversary or vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful way to recognize and honor the journey you have already undertaken together and the journey still to come. It is a good way to involve new friends who were not present at the original wedding ceremony. And, it is a wonderful opportunity to involve family members as well, especially children of the marriage.

There are many reasons for you to renew your wedding vows. Perhaps you eloped, or were united in the courthouse by a justice of the peace. Perhaps your first wedding was very simple, or maybe you have overcome difficulties and wish a fresh start.

The style of the celebration for your anniversary or vow renewal ceremony will undoubtedly reflect your reason for deciding to reaffirm your love connection with each other. Consider having your vow renewal celebration at a place where you share special memories. You can have a private ceremony with only the two of you, a select few guests or a big party.

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