Healing Ceremonies

Healing ceremonies are often essential to helping individuals and families bring closure to one, perhaps traumatic, event or life transition before moving on to the next.

Divorce & Separation

Divorce & SeparationCouples who strive to end their marriage or union in a healthy way should be respected for trying to move through a difficult life transition. These couples need the support of family, friends and the larger community.Most people enter into marriage with the hope of creating a deep and lasting bond. It is a difficult and emotional decision to end the union. This decision affects children, extended families, and friends who can feel devastated by the divorce or separation.

A divorce ceremony can encourage acceptance of the past and mark the beginning of a commitment to live more fully, with appreciation. This ceremony also provides an opportunity to begin the process of healing. By participating in a divorce ceremony that recognizes the event of divorce with compassion and dignity, perhaps all who have experienced divorce personally or in the lives of their loved ones will recognize the importance of honoring this life transition.

Recovery from an Illness

A ceremony after healing and recovery have been achieved, where you wish for permanent wholeness and well-being and invoke a state of ongoing health is a wonderful way to bring closure to the challenges and fears that have been met, and affirm the wisdom and other gifts the illness has brought you and your loved ones.  I would be honored to help you design a ceremony of well-wishing and blessing that celebrates your triumphs and recognizes your new path to wellness. A ceremony to mark a recovery from an illness also provides an opportunity to thank health-care providers for their courage and support. I can facilitate your ceremony in your home, in a hospital, in a natural setting or almost any other venue.

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