Life Transitions & Celebrations

Women’s Rites of Passage

Women's Rites of PassageAs women, we experience deeply emotional times as well as many physical changes. Women’s rites of passage are often associated with the body, but there are so many other personal transitions and achievements.

Women instinctively understand the importance of ceremonies and events to mark these rites of passage. But so often there are few opportunities to gather for meaningful ceremonies. Increasingly, we are asked to be strong and resilient in the face of tremendous change, despite a sometimes unsupportive community. And, today’s engagement, wedding and baby “showers” often lack authenticity or leave us feeling overwhelmed or empty.We may find a partner, build one or more careers, and/or have children. We also live through job loss, divorce, and the death of love ones. And, of course, there is menopause. Depending on the woman, this can be a tremendous change.

As a Life-Cycle CelebrantTM, I look forward to collaborating with women to help them bring life and meaning to their life transitions so that they can embrace, enjoy and bring happiness to their lives. I’m most excited about these rites of passage ceremonial services and I look forward to collaborating with you to design a unique individual or community-supported ceremony.

If you’re planning a wedding shower or a new Mother celebration (aka, baby shower) for a friend or family member, I’d like to assist you in creating a moving celebration for this important life transition. If you’re approaching menopause, let’s discus how you can create a sacred space to celebrate womanhood!

Baby Welcoming & Adoption Ceremonies

My baby blessing ceremonies are a stylish mix of individuality and tradition. They are particularly suited to modern, secular parents and families with differing cultures or faiths. When you hire me to craft your custom baby welcoming ceremony, I will among other things, ask you to think about what family means to you, and I’ll suggest meaningful ways to engage your loved ones in the ceremony.A baby welcoming or adoption ceremony is a joy-filled way to welcome your child to the world, to your family and to give thanks.

You’ll be delighted by the attention your friends and family pay to this warm and engaging ceremony. I’d love to create a special ceremony to honor your child. I look forward to your call or email.


Retirement Ceremonies

Retirement is a major milestone in life.  It’s a time of transformation and renewal.  Because work is one of the primary ways in which we define ourselves, any change in a job, even raises or promotions, offer us an opportunity to uncover aspects of our lives that are truly amazing. I can help you design a retirement ceremony that includes a meaningful recognition of your accomplishments and gives you an opportunity to take a pause, to allow yourself to reconnect with your priorities, to fully realize the possibilities of your new circumstances and take control of your life.

House Blessings


A house blessing ceremony is a truly magical opportunity for individuals and families. After all of the planning, moving and saving, its nice to be able to take a breath, celebrate your achievement and welcome family and friends to your new home. Or, you may wish to have a warm and quiet ceremony to reflect and give thanks for the gift of sanctuary. I’d be delighted to help you create the perfect celebration for this special space you call home.

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