“Damien and I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful ceremony. We could not have asked for more. It was funny, heartfelt and intimate. I especially loved how you were able to bring out our personalities through your words. We wound definitely recommend other people to have you officiate their marriage. Thanks again for everything.”

Services & Fees

There are many times of transition in your personal, family and spiritual life that you might wish to honor with a ceremony:

  • Marriage, Civil Unions and Life-Partner Commitments
  • Reaffirming Marriage Vows
  • Becoming Engaged
  • Blessing your Home
  • Blessing a Newborn Child and Giving a Child a Name
  • Supporting an Adolescent as he/she Approaches Puberty
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Retirement
  • Honoring and Elder/Mentor
  • Approaching Menopause
  • Death of a Family Member or Friend
  • Recovering from a Serious Illness
  • Loss of a Pet
  • Women's Rites of Passage

Here is a brief description of the services that I provide:

  • Meeting with you, your family and loved ones to discuss your vision of what the ceremony will include
  • Interviewing individuals to learn of personal stories and information that may be included in the ceremony
  • Collaborating with and assisting you in choosing readings, music, rituals and customs from your desired traditions that reflect your beliefs and aspirations
  • Composing the complete ceremony
  • Working with other service providers, including musicians, photographers, and venue staff, to ensure the ceremony is what you desire it to be
  • Consultations with you by phone, e-mail and in-person
  • Officiating or co-leading the ceremony
  • Preparing a bound keepsake copy of the ceremony
  • For Funerals – Providing graveside or a committal service after the funeral ceremony, if desired

These are moments in your life that deserve to be honored through ceremonial acknowledgement of the changes that are occurring. Creating a personalized ceremony, taking time to celebrate, mourn or remember, may inspire joyfulness or create an opportunity for healing so that you and your family can become more fully present in your life’s journeys.


My fees are structured to support the time I dedicate to writing and designing your ceremony. Factors include date, location, travel, my time to write and officiate your ceremony, guiding ceremonial participants and coordinating venue staff. For example, you may be surprised that I spend 10-20 hours on each custom wedding ceremony. Preparing a funeral or memorial ceremony is often an intense undertaking with limited time constraints. Essentially, I spend as much time as it takes to ensure that everything is just as you want it to be.

Because each ceremony is uniquely designed, my fees vary from $500 – $900.

Quality is the foundation of my work. Most of the individuals and families interested in my level of services recognize that the quality/content of the ceremony is the “heart and soul” of the occasion. They pay a little more for the assurance of knowing they are contracting with a Celebrant who will honor their wishes, and who comes with professional experience, impeccable references and a gentle and enthusiastic spirit.

I’d love to hear about your special event...

“Marguerite, I cannot begin to guess how many people came up to Matt, my parents, his parents, and myself to say our wedding ceremony was the best, most personal wedding ceremony they have ever attended. As we greeted people last night, it was the very first thing out of their mouths — every single person. We heard everything from, ‘It was so funny,’ to ‘Marguerite made everyone feel so relaxed and welcome.’

So many of our friends had warned us ahead of time that we probably won’t remember a thing about the ceremony. I’m so, so happy to say that I’ve been replaying it word for word in my head since 5:30 pm last night! It was so warm, lovely and memorable. Way more than Matt and I could have ever wished for. Thank you again and again!

Sarah & Matt