Hello Marguerite,

I hope you and your family are safe, healthy, and well. I am reaching out to you to say hello and to thank you once again for the service you performed for me and my wife Courtney on April 10, 2010. Tomorrow, we will celebrate 10 years of marriage.

My wife and I, as well as our family and friends in attendance, still talk about how special and meaningful the service was that you provided. You were able to tell our love story in a way that was personal, purposeful, and captivating. We experienced laughter, reflection, and appreciation throughout the service and those memories are still relevant to this day. Your level of detail and use of symbolism were also key takeaways for us. You’ll be happy to know we still use the ring bowl you provided to place our wedding rings in each night.


Since that beautiful day, we have grown together and expanded into a family. Our daughter Cai turned 9 in January and our son Christopher will turn 6 in May. You may recall that we are from the Midwest (IL and MI) but lived in Jacksonville, FL at the time of our wedding. We relocated back up North in April of 2012 and reside in Normal, IL.

It is wonderful viewing your website, reading your testimonials (including ours), and seeing how you have continued to provide this gift and piece of yourself with others. Thank you again for blessing us on our special day.

Christopher, April 2020

Thank you so much Marguerite! You were wonderful. Wish I could have seen you before you left to thank you in person. Kristina and I are still dizzy from all the love and joy and happiness of our wedding day. You were an essential part of that. All of our family and guests made a point of telling us how much they loved your ceremony. They are huge fans of yours now. As are we. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a gift you gave us.

All the best, George and Kristina, October 6, 2014

Marguerite, thank you for being a part of the most memorable day of our lives. The ceremony was so beautiful, people are still talking about how wonderful and unique it was. You truly have a gift and we are forever grateful to you for sharing that gift with us and our families. Words cannot express how truly grateful we are to you for all that you have done to make the start of our new life together perfect. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Elizabeth and Kevin Gier, April 2014

Thank you so much for sending our wedding ceremony document to us, it will be such a great memory to keep forever! All of our family and friends could not stop complimenting the western ceremony and especially how personalized and unique to Vinay and I the ceremony was. It was one of my favorite parts of the entire 4-day crazy wedding weekend.

Lisa and Vinay, September 2, 2012

Stephen and Monika Coad-XcWL0142964412I wish I had the words to properly convey just how wonderful it was to work with Marguerite and how grateful we are that she was the Celebrant for our wedding! The other brides here know what I mean – we TRULY could not have asked for a more beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.

From the first moment I read the Meaningful Moments profile, I just knew that she was the one for us and meeting Marguerite in person quickly confirmed my instincts…she has the warmest smile and the most soothing voice, and her professionalism and dedication to her role as a Celebrant were immediately evident. Among the many things that stood out for us, we appreciated that she shared our values and helped us celebrate them by letting us share with her who we are, how we love, and why it was so important to have these things represented at our wedding.

Marguerite helped make planning our ceremony so easy — she guided us through the process and lent a helping hand (and the voice of experience!) when we needed it most. She was incredibly organized and communicative, we never had to wonder where we stood with things! Of all the parts of wedding planning, this was the most important (other than finding the right person!) and thankfully, the most rewarding.

Stephen and Monika Coad-Hb2pT142948104Our guests (and other vendors!) have repeatedly complimented us on how incredible our ceremony was, and we even had someone ask if Marguerite would be willing to travel to Colorado when their daughter gets married!

Marguerite is both a gift and a blessing — we are so proud she is part of our wedding story! We couldn’t have asked for a more exceptional wedding ceremony.

Monika, October 3, 2014

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Hello Marguerite, Lance and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday and as we reflect back to last year I just wanted to drop a note to say thank-you again. We had such a beautiful ceremony that is still, a year later, the most talked about part of our wedding. Our guests constantly and consistently tell us how amazing it was. You are extremely eloquent and a great orator! The ceremony was personal, meaningful and exactly what we wanted – a ceremony full of love that we will never forget – it truly reflected us as a couple. We appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into writing the ceremony. Thank-you for the wonderful start to our marriage!

Lots of love, Jennifer & Lance

We wanted to thank you for helping us with our wedding ceremony. We wanted a ceremony that was very meaningful, but we weren’t sure how to create one on our own as neither of us are exactly wordsmiths! Your guidance and ideas helped craft a ceremony that we’ll never forget. We got so many compliments on the ceremony, with most people commenting on how it was uniquely “us”. You were able to help capture both the love and humor that are central to our relationship. You were able to help us create a ceremony that was warm and funny, yet gave our guests the opportunity to see what makes us tick. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Take care, Kim & Jon

We are just back from our honeymoon and wanted to send you a note to let you know how wonderful you are and that our ceremony was so special! It was literally all our guests could talk about! It was everything we had hoped it would be and it is a memory we so treasure. I truly cannot put into words just how amazing it was, warm and funny and personal. Many of our guests, and even family members said they left feeling like they knew us better and that it felt so warm and intimate. Thank you for being part of the day and making our wedding ceremony so very special; it really is the most wonderful gift. Hope you are well! And a very sincere thank you from both of us!

Kim and Mike Porritt, August 21, 2010

As it is for any couple, our search for an Officiant was extremely important to us; it would likely be the foundation of our special day, laying the groundwork for everything else to follow. Our search was exhaustive, so when we found, began communicating with, and finally met Marguerite, we knew she was the one. We interviewed Marguerite to determine her professionalism, experience, uniqueness, creativity, and overall personality. At the same time, she was interviewing us to ensure our personality and our relationship could be evident in our ceremony. Her process was efficient and allowed us to get to know one other – which shined bright to everyone attending our ceremony. Marguerite helped us develop our wedding ceremony, write our vows, choose our readings, and develop key activities within the ceremony. Marguerite was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the flow, format, love story and vows of our ceremony – they continue to express as much to us still. And, to top it off for us, Marguerite’s delivery of the ceremony script was perfect – her voice, intonations, inclusion of attendees, and the way she spoke directly to us made for a day we shall never forget. We are eternally grateful to Marguerite.

VBR, Michael and Lydia, July 7, 2012

We so appreciate you so much and thank you for creating such a beautiful and memorable wedding for us! So many guests gave us compliments about you and how they loved the ceremony! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us on our special day! it should be us thanking you, not the other way around. But thank you for sharing your positive energy and time with us! This was a wedding that everyone will remember because it was so beautiful and also we especially appreciate how you included them in as our family as well. That was a really special touch. Thank you so much again & again!

Well wishes, Delora and Serguei, June 8, 2013

Marguerite, we can’t begin to express how wonderful it was to work with you to create our wedding ceremony. The process of filling out the questionnaire and going through the ceremony drafts helped us to hone in on the tone and sentiment we really wanted for our wedding. Your thoughtful and thorough work in creating the ceremony was so touching. We really couldn’t have been happier with our ceremony- the words and the delivery! You were caring, fun, and sincere. Your warm and genuine demeanor made the ceremony so special for us and for our guests. Thank you so much for your hard work and your kindness!

Casie and Matt, April 2012

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Marguerite, Nick and I were taken aback by how beautiful our wedding ceremony was. Even after reviewing it and reading it so many times, we didn’t anticipate how significant and wonderful the ceremony would feel! Thank you for all your attention to detail and for the gracious way that you helped us see what we needed to and might include in our special day. We are so grateful! Thanks again. We’ll send you the picture of all of us when we receive it.

Many thanks, Rebecca & Nick, July 22, 2012

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful celebration that you directed over on June 11. We couldn’t have been more happy with the whole service. We had numerous people come up to us after the service and tell us how great the wedding was and that you did an excellent job. Many praises. We do have your Web site and we would be more than happy to refer your name to other people. Again, thanks for making this day one that we will never forget and for you to have been a part of it.

Al and Pat Cota (parents of the groom, James Cota) June 11, 2010

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my daughter and son-in-law’s day so special on Saturday. I can’t begin to tell you how you have touched my heart. You made that day something I will remember for the rest of my life. I have never heard of anyone performing a wedding the way you have. You are just so wonderful that I’m glad God gave you us for this special moment in our lives. I just can’t put into words how you moved all of us to share in the experience of their lives now and forever. I love my daughter very deeply and am so excited that I also now have a wonderful son-in-law too. You were able to share with the group what I’ve already experienced with them and it meant so much to me that they feel that too.  People were so moved by you and in the last two days I’ve had so many people call to say how much they enjoyed you and the ceremony. God knew that when he created an angel in you that we would all benefit from it. Thank you so much for making Beth and Mark’s wedding so special.

Sue Greenberg

Hi, Marguerite. Thank you SO much for writing such a beautiful ceremony for our wedding. We’ve gotten nothing but compliments on how wonderful and how unique and touching our ceremony was. Your truly embodied what we feel for one another and helped make our day extra special!

Kim and Demi, October, 2011

Thank you so much for everything on Saturday. Even with the stress of “will it rain won’t it rain” everything turned out amazing, minus the unavoidable couple of snags:) You helped to make our ceremony exactly what we have always wanted it to be, so thank you again for that. If you ever need a referral for your services, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony! Your help and guidance was essential and helped us immensely in planning our ceremony. Your kindness and sensitivity were outstanding. We really loved the whole experience and we really loved getting to know you.

Tom J. and Bob C.

Marguerite, Thank you for all your hard work the other weekend with Lauriean and Sean’s wedding. It was simply a stunning and touching personal ceremony, and I loved it! It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again.

Best, Jessie Martinez, Associate Planner, Naturally Yours Events, October 19, 2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our ceremony was simply beautiful thanks to your insight, demeanor and kindness. Mike and I are so happy! Some of our guests were so impressed with you at our ceremony and asked that we share your information with them. Would that be okay with you? Wishing you a very happy new year!

Best wishes, Ellen and Mike, December 28, 2013

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Marguerite, our wedding would never have been so personalized and distinct had you not customized it to fit our personalities. It was amazing to look into the audience and see their faces fill with pure emotion as you recounted our love story. The ceremony you constructed for us was the perfect backdrop to the beginning of our lives together as married folks! It was so memorable and soothing. Many of my friends came up to us after the ceremony and complimented us on how unique it was, and how much they really liked you. People remarked that you set a very calm tone for the ceremony. Our parents were surprised and honored by the tribute you wrote for them. For us, that means a lot because we are both so close to our families. Because of you, we had a completely personalized and true to life depiction of our story in which our friends and families were able to partake. The sense of community, oneness, and cultural fusion was beautifully woven together in the ceremony you wrote for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony or wedding experience. Thank you so much!

Jade and Raj

The best decision my husband and I made regarding our wedding was having Marguerite as our celebrant. Working with Marguerite was an absolute joy from beginning to end. Her dedication, attention to detail, and presentation made our ceremony perfect. Her Couples Questionnaire offered a fun and insightful way to create our vows and share our joy and love with our guests. Marguerite shared unique ideas with us that made our ceremony special and fit our personal beliefs while respecting all of our suggestions and wishes. We highly recommend Marguerite as a celebrant who will produce the most meaningful and memorable ceremony that will have your guests raving all night.

Kristin Horne and Pete Benson 1/2/2010

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. We could not possibly have asked for a better celebrant! You did such a wonderful job of making us really feel comfortable throughout the planning process, and your comprehensive couples’ questionnaire helped us shape our ideas for the ceremony and share sentiments that might not have come so easily without your well-written prompts. We felt that our ceremony was really unique and represented us so well as individuals and as a couple, and our guests keep telling us that not only was a beautiful wedding, but a fun one as well. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into crafting our ceremony, and for the poise and spirit that you shared with us on our wedding day.

Shannon Lieberman and Matthew Bendert

testimonial10So many possible emotions one could anticipate on their wedding day. For us, there was one. Love.

Marguerite creatively arranged a personal unique ceremony. She was receptive to our suggestions and ideas. She encouraged us to follow our hearts.

We did not want a cookie cutout ceremony. Every couple is unique. We wanted to celebrate the significance of our relationship.

Our ceremony was special. It reflected us as individuals and as a couple, who share and appreciate our families, friends, and life.

Expressing one’s feelings can be challenging. Marguerite beautifully captured the essence of us.

Wedding guests stayed engaged and enjoyed our ceremony. They recalled many specific moments. Our guests were impressed and complimented Marguerite. This speaks volumes of her.

We heard comments such as: “We’d never been to a ceremony like that before. It was beautiful” and “What a neat way to celebrate a special couple” and “Marguerite was wonderful!”

We envisioned our ideal ceremony. We hoped we would find someone who’d help guide us and follow through with our ideas. Marguerite fulfilled our expectations and beyond. Having it all become possible was a great gift.

Marguerite is professional and personable. She is driven to make your wedding day your own. We feel fortunate that she worked with us.

Marguerite, we are forever grateful for you. You are an extraordinary person. Many Thanks!

Mike & Erin Erickson, “The Farmer & His Wife”, Married Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful ceremony. We got sooooo many compliments regarding how smooth, loving and professional your delivery was. You really made our day special and memorable. I appreciate everything you did for us, especially ensuring that my dad was able to see the ceremony.

Courtney Pharms Marks and Chris Marks, Wedding April 10, 2010

Sunday was incredible. Thank you for being so wonderful. We received countless compliments about the ceremony. We really felt as though you made such an effort to create an incredibly personalized ceremony for us. It could not have been more perfect! Everyone at the ceremony was also so impressed with your poise and the feeling behind your words. It felt as though you had known us for years. Thank you so very much for making our dreams a reality. I could go on and on!! But we truly are so grateful that we found you Marguerite!

Rana Higgins and Keenan Ballo, (Wedding, May 16, 2010)

We wanted to do things our way, incorporate a small setting, and really make the ceremony something to remember. Marguerite met all of our expectations and more. She met with us to go over all of our options and hear our thoughts. She was able to fully meet all of our expectations of a ceremony and we would/have recommended her to our friends and family.

Thank you Marguerite! Love, Evon & Kent


I first wanted to let you know that we received your packet. Thank you for sending for book. It is a beautiful keepsake, which we will cherish forever.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for our beautiful wedding ceremony.

Throughout the entire process, I always knew we were in good hands with you Marguerite and the ceremony certainly lived up to all of our expectations. Our ceremony was never a stressful element because we had you guiding us along the way. Our ceremony was everything we wanted: unique, intimate, celebratory, funny and touching.

During the first meeting we had with you, we knew we had made the right choice. You listened to us and worked with us every step of the way…and it was certainly reflected in our ceremony.

Although we had many guests in attendance, they appreciated the intimacy of our wedding ceremony and many noted how polished you were as a speaker. Our photographer (who has been to many weddings) said how impressed he was with you as an officiant. Our friend and ceremony violinist expressed how much he enjoyed working with you during the process as well.

You were open to our ceremony ideas, while continually adding to them with suggestions. We were so grateful to have your unique ideas and enjoyed including these elements to our ceremony.

Thank you for all of your hard work in writing and preparing for our wedding.

We will always remember what a beautiful day it was!

Warmly, Diana Cirone Tremblay

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